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updated 9/21/23


Available Armenian Gamprs for sale who have received at least some livestock guardian training work. 

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Summer Lindsay

Faithworks Farm

Rixeyville, VA


1 Started Male

Parents: Vahagn x Astlik

DOB: 12/5/21

AGCA Registered: YES

Parents Embark: YES

Parents Working Eval: YES

Livestock: YES


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Breeder profile


DOB:  4/7/2022

Location: Ava, MO

Altered: No

Transport: YES

AGCA Registered: YES

Livestock: YES

Other dogs: YES

Cats: YES

Email owner

Young teenage boy in Missouri looking for a new farm. Gorgeous and eager to have your attention.


•Both parents fully health tested, OFA CHIC Certified.

•Both parents are imported from nomadic shepherds of Armenia via the Special Genetics Program. •Loves children.

•Gentleman on leash.

•Loves visitors he's introduced to.

•Doing well with training (needs more time with poultry).

•Microchipped, vetted.

•USA transport can be arranged.

•Full breeder support.


Companions which may or may not have had livestock training may be available at times for various reasons. Reach out to the owner to discuss if one is a good match for your family.

*Click each photo to open the gallery, listed oldest to youngest


DOB:  6/2019

Location: Lafayette, AL

Altered: Scheduled

Transport: YES, possible

AGCA Registered: YES

Livestock: NO

Other dogs: YES

Cats: NO

Email owner

Bak' lives in Alabama and is looking for a companion home. He is nearly three years-old and weighs between 110 and 120lbs. He will be current on vaccines and neutered prior to placement.


Bak' has lived on a farm his entire life, but has made it clear that he does not wish to be a livestock guardian. He isn't safe around small animals. Bak' is extremely playful. He loves other dogs and would love to be part of an active household.


He is very sweet with and adores children of all ages, but would be best suited to older ones because he gets excited and could easily knock down a small child on accident.


Bak' knows how to sit and lie down on cue. He is bouncy and happy on-lead, but isn't a puller.


Bak' would make a good home and/or family guardian, but because he's energetic, he'll need some space to run and play.

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