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Register your Armenian Gampr dog with the AGCA Registry Service and receive a Pedigree

White Rose Annie in Nevada. (Owner: Pia Wood, Old Washoe Ranch)


Why Register?


The Armenian Gampr Club of America has been verifying pedigrees and providing Registration since 2007, creating the largest, most accurate database in the world.  Registering your Gampr is an essential part of breed conservation, allowing analysis of the collective data to help monitor gene pool health.


Registration allows owners peace of mind knowing their Gampr is breed-appropriate due to prior evaluations and investigations into their ancestors. Knowing your Gampr's Pedigree also prevents owners from unknowingly buying or breeding a potential relative, which is highly possible considering the small population. 

Memberships are very much appreciated, and your generous support plays a critical role in the conservation efforts aimed at saving the rare Armenian Gampr from extinction. AGCA Members receive discounted or free Services, depending on Membership level, so be sure to join as a Member prior to ordering any Documents.

Registration Fees:

$50 Non-Members

$25 Standard Members

$0 Lifetime Members

Litter Certificates:

$0 for Approved Breeders

Please choose one of the following in order to Register your Gampr:

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Armenian Gampr rare landrace breed livestock guardian dog

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