Imported Armenian Gampr puppy

T'Agahu Uzh Sigrun of Goat Life Farm, owner Tiffany H, MS.


Breed Health

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Evaluations are an invaluable tool to use for the betterment of the breed no matter if you are a stud owner, breeder or just preparing to find a complimentary partner for your Gampr. 

Book your one on one, private online video Evaluation to get scheduled with a trained professional today.  Evaluations should be scheduled after your Gampr has turned 18 months old or any time later.  After your Zoom booking, your Evaluations Coordinator will contact you to go over the results.  Scores will be added to your Gampr's Registration and new documents will be emailed out to you. 


Be sure to visit the Approved Breeders Program to check out the full list of details and see which other health testing options may be appropriate for your Gampr.