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what to feed your armenian gampr puppy

Import Hank intensely approves!  Owner, Rachel, Honeysuckle Farm, IL 



but nutritious

Yes, it might be weird or even disturbing to some, but raw chicken (or duck) feet are an amazing treat for your Gampr and excellent source of glucosamine, chondroitin, and collagen. The benefits far outweigh the creepiness factor.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are the building blocks of cartilage. Healthy cartilage will keep joints functioning in all dog ages, even in young dogs during in their wonky looking teenage phase. Feeding your Gampr raw chicken feet is a cheap way to care for your dog’s joints. Each foot contains about 450mg of glucosamine.

Collagen plays a vital role making sure your dog's connective tissue stays flexible and makes up 70 to 90% of a dog’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments. If muscles and connective tissues become loose, dogs become susceptible to injuries like torn cruciate ligaments, patellar subluxations, and elbow and hip dysplasia. Collagen for dogs can help maintain Gampr joint health.

Added bonuses....they are great for cleaning teeth, so don't trim off those claws.  They are also a perfect, natural treat to use during obedience training sessions! 

You can pick up chicken feet from your local grocery, butcher or farm friend, throw in the freezer and feed some daily as an added treat to your Gampr's diet.  If you can't find any at your small grocers, check out your big box bulk food stores, such as Sams or Costco.

*Never feed cooked chicken bones to dogs. They can splinter causing injury or death*

armenian gampr food and nutrients puppy in US

Waya saving his foot for later, Owner Krystal H, Davenport, IA

armenian gampr food and nutrients puppy in US

Vahagn showing off his foot, Owner Summer L, Rixeyville, VA 

Do you have photos of your Gampr and their love of chicken feet?  We want to see them! 

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