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be prepared

One of the most important roles we take on as Armenian Gampr owners is that of field veterinarian. There may come a time where your dog will get hurt and rely on you to get them stabilized until you reach your vet.   When your dog suffers an illness, injury, or poisoning, knowing what first aid to do can have a big impact on their recovery, safety, and comfort level. It can also help your emotional stress, since you will be focused on a plan of action.

Here are some items that are useful to keep in a first aid kit which should be customized, based on your personal needs and experience level.

  • Benadryl - useful in bee stings and other allergic reactions, UNDER VET ADVISEMENT ONLY

  • 3% Peroxide - Induces vomitting in case of poisoning UNDER VET ADVISEMENT OR POISON CONTROL ONLY, also used in a solution for de-skunking

  • Betadine/Iodine - Antiseptic for wounds, cleaning tools

  • Triple antibiotic ointment - For protection against bacterial infections on minor cuts, scrapes

  • Hydrocortisone gel -  For inflammation and itchy skin

  • Antibacterial spray (Blue Kote) - To use after cleaning a wound

  • Saline eye solution - For irrigating wounds, flushing eyes

  • Antibiotics - For infections, UNDER VET ADVISEMENT ONLY

  • Activated charcoal gel - Can help in certain poisonings situations. Not all poisons are adsorbed by activated charcoal, so not always appropriate to use, UNDER VET ADVISEMENT OR POISON CONTROL ONLY

  • Calcium gel - Treats calcium deficiency such as hypoparathyroidism, postpartum hypocalcemia, UNDER VET ADVISEMENT ONLY

  • Blood stop powder / ground pepper - To stop bleeding

  • Nitrile gloves - To protect your hands and the dog's wound from bacteria

  • Clean towels - To use as a clean surface to lay your dog, for warmth or comfort

  • Compression wraps / t-shirt - To keep a bandaged wound covered and clean, t-shirts can be cut into bandages

  • Gauze - To cover wounds

  • Non-adhesive bandages - To cover wounds

  • Bandage scissors - For cutting bandages and dressings

  • Tweezers - To remove foreign objects from your dog

  • Spring loaded pliers - For removing porcupine quills

  • Tape - For securing bandaging, NEVER USE TAPE DIRECTLY ON THE DOG

  • Elizabethan collar - For preventing licking

  • Dawn dish soap - For washing away grease or hard to clean substances

  • Dr. Bronner's Soap - For washing dogs with itchy or irritated skin, to help with fleas 

  • Empty, clean squirt bottles - To use for mixing or administering solutions

  • Large syringes - For administering medication or flushing wounds

  • Electric razor - For trimming mats or sticky hair around a wound

  • Digital thermometer - To check temperature

  • Ice packs - Decreases swelling and inflammation after a bee sting, sprain or strain

  • Extra leash - To quickly grab, also can be used for a makeshift muzzle, if necessary

  • Flashlight - To inspect night time injuries

  • Animal Poison Control phone number - 1-888-426-4435

Always consult with your vet on what's best for your Gampr.

Armenian Gampr breeders in the US and Canada use this first aid kit

Shepherd's puppies in Armenia, before flying to the US.  Photo: Tigran Grigoryan

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