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Gamprs hiking, Photo Rohona Mayer


AGCA offers Breeding Analysis as a free service for Members with Registered Gamprs. 

Using the pedigree information in our database, we can show you how much each ancestor is represented by a percentage and what the Inbreeding Coefficient would be for potential breeding.


Linebreeding has its respective place in breeding but must be done carefully so as not to introduce genetic illnesses in the offspring.  When an individual carries two defective gene copies, recessive genetic variants only have adverse health effects. For example, If a sire carries just one defective copy of an illness, he will not be affected, nor will his puppies. However, if his offspring are mated with one other later, the defect will become common, and affected puppies produced may be affected by the disease. For the health of our small gene pool, we do not advise linebreeding.


 The first step in planning potential breeding is checking relatedness by requesting a Breeding Analysis and completing the form below. 

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