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Breeders in this Directory are part of the Armenian Gampr Club of America's Approved Breeder Program, which is available to Club Members who are in good standing and, by Membership, agree to abide by the AGCA Code of Ethics.  However, AGCA does not inspect or regulate Breeder facilities, farms, breeding or business practices and therefore, does not endorse any particular Breeder(s).  Prospective Buyers must do their own due diligence to determine if a Breeder is practicing good business principles and ideal breeding practices, and should verify that any puppies produced are healthy, structurally and temperamentally, sound dogs.

Members listed in this Breeder Directory are those who have previously produced a litter who may have plans to breed again in the future. Others are confirmed future Breeders and additionally listed are those who may have a potential stud sire. Visit Find A Gampr to view current, available puppies in the US and abroad.


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          Conservation Breeders

Have completed the following:

  • All Gamprs Embark DNA tested for DM, GM2, Breed and COI% and results made public

  • Completed Physical & Working Evaluations on all owned, of age Gamprs

  • AGCA Registered Gamprs


          Breeders of Merit

OFA CHIC Certified by completing the below tests, in addition to the above:

  •  OFA Hips

  • OFA Elbows

  • OFA Patellar Luxation  


by location


Darren Flagg White Rose Farm

Fenton, MI


HS Riley Tribble Hill Farm

Greenwood Springs, MS