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Breeder of Merit

Triple Nipple Farm

Applegate, Oregon




Meet the Pack

gamprs of triple nipple farm

My husband and I have a small farm in beautiful Applegate Oregon. We raise Mini Lamanchas, Kiko cross goats, Kunekune pigs, Ancona ducks and a variety of poultry for meat. I found Gamprs since my husband's family is Armenian. I have worked with many LGD breeds over 20 years and I have completely fallen in love with the Gampr’s innate intuition, intelligence, sociability, loyalty and bond to humans. Our Boghos was imported from Artsakh in 2020 and Seranoush was added in 2023. Our predator load includes: cougar, bear, coyote, wolves, redtail hawks, and unfortunately many loose neighborhood dogs….. Both dogs have done an amazing job alerting us to threats, chasing off predators and love their stock. My Armenian Mother-in-Law is very proud!


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Registration # 083020-04

Livestock: Yes

 OFA CHIC Certified

Embark Results



Registration # 082522-01

Livestock: Yes

Embark Results

Remaining Evaluations:

OFA Patellar Luxation

OFA Hips & Elbows Permanent

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