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So you want a Gampr?

They're fiercely protective, ohh so cute and you've done enough research to know this is absolutely the breed for you... but where do you start? There are thankfully several good breeders across the US and Canada who are doing a fabulous job representing the breed but there will always be those who don't. The AGCA Approved Breeder Program has reputable breeders listed on the site but there are others on social media posting litters as well. Of those, some are great and some are not.

It is up to you to find a reputable breeder who can mentor you, give you honest answers and place a puppy with you who is a true representative of the breed. Buying a Gampr puppy is not something do be taken lightly and finding a great breeder with similar goals should be top priority.

Think about what you need: What do you want from a Gampr and what job will they have? How will you raise your puppy and is your breeder able to help with training along the way? What if you see yourself as a future breeder, will the breeder mentor you in the steps to take? It's up to you, the buyer, to ask a lot of questions and decide if the breeder is a good fit for you.

To get you started on your mission to find a good match, we have created a list of questions to ask breeders. Hope this helps those of you on your journey of becoming a Gampr owner.


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