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Zorik's Yuri, father of a few imported pups to the US and Canada


To complete the below sign up for this Program, you will need a short bio which can be topics like your Gampr's responsibilities, your farm and livestock, goals as a Breeder or why you chose the Breed and how their skillset keeps their charges safe.  You will also need three photos of each owned Gampr: left side, right side, full front view.  Photos should be clear and in landscape view, not vertical, as they will not fit within your profile slideshow properly. 

Program Sign Up

To join the Program as an Approved Breeder, please fill out the information below.

Would you like for buyers to find you on Facebook?
Does your Gampr(s) work with livestock?
Are you an AGCA Member
Do you need help with Registering your Gampr(s)?
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