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Lily Pond Acres

Lena, Mississippi



Meet the Pack

gamprs of lily pond acres 

Lily Pond Acres, located in Central Mississippi, started in 2018 with Honey Bees, a variety of Poultry, and Bass and Bream in the pond.  LPA has grown dramatically, adding Mini-Nubian Goats, Dexter and Jersey Cattle, Horses, Barn Cats, Mini Donkeys, Kune Kunes, and Mini Pot Bellied Pigs to our menagerie. 


After losing numerous birds to predators such as coyotes, hawks, opossums, and snakes, LPA sought out a Livestock Guardian Dog.  Beautiful, happy-go-lucky, and who loves just about everyone, Tsiran was LPA’s first Armenian Gampr and was domestic bred.  She has become a general farm and house protector.   Tsiran handles most of the calf and poultry protection when not protecting the couch.  Yes, she loves the house and grandkids very much.


Gorgeous and serious, Gya joined LPA family all the way from Armenia.  Quickly followed by handsome and reserved Vatche, also imported from Armenia.  Vatche and Gya make a great pair currently protecting the Bucks and Dexters and hopefully will add the pigs to their duties.  LPA can’t wait to carry on some new Gampr genetics from these two awesome LGDs and grow the Armenian Gampr breed!

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Import Male

Registration #083020-03

Livestock: Yes

Embark - Results

Remaining Evaluations:

OFA Patellar Luxation

OFA Hips & Elbows Permanent


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Registration #102319-03

Livestock: Yes

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Remaining Evaluations:

OFA Patellar Luxation

OFA Hips & Elbows Permanent

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