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GWS Homestead

McMinnville, TN

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Meet the Pack

gamprs of GWS Homestead

GWS Homestead is a large acre property in rural Mississippi in the middle of forested surroundings for miles. Talin lives with other dogs, cats, a teenage boy, and beside our family's Kiko & cattle farm next door.  Talin was recently thoroughly evaluated and received an excellent OFA hip score! Go Talin! We are proud to be a part of the AGCA Conservation Program and thankful to have Talin as part of our family. 


Our breeding goals are to add genetic variety to the North American gene pool with his potential future offspring, and we look forward to completing our breeding plans which have been in motion for over two years.

We have bought an additional rural property in McMinnville, Tennessee where we will be spending most of our time as of 2022.

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*Import* Male

Registration # 102319-02

Livestock: No

OFA CHIC Certified

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