Import From Armenia

updated 8-2-21

The Van cat is one of the rarest and oldest cat breeds in the world. They're from the ancient Armenian city of Van (Van Lake area) which is now west of Armenia's border but was historically Armenia. With only a handful of breeders worldwide, the cats are nearly impossible to find.  Armen Khechoyan raises Van cats and has graciously decided to share some of his kittens with us.  


Several boy and girl kittens, from three different litters, will be flying to Los Angeles soon.  Some of the kittens are not spoken for but can be reserved with a small deposit.  Hrak Keshishian will pick up the kittens from LAX and has kindly offered to work with your pick ups and ground transporters to get each kitten to their new destination cities.  For Canadian imports, the kitten(s) must be purchased from Armen and picked up at the Montreal airport. Some of the kittens and parents can be seen below.

This opportunity is available to homes in the US and Canada. For more information please send us an email.