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Hello, i hope this is a real place for all to learn about the Armenian gampr. That being said, I have owned mostly large breed/independent minded dogs my entire life. We seem to get along very well. My last dog was a very large english mastiff. She died a few years ago at the age of 17, and I have been taking the time to find a breed that would fit my needs. (3 years) I live on a very small peice of land but am bordering black hills national forest. I have no children, but a few chickens. I need a dog thats independent yet likes me a bit, im not big on, well a lot of things like dogs having Clothing or drinking only bottled water! I wouldn't even consider a pup if it wasnt deer season but now when we have a nice grass fed beef hanging. Im giving all the trimmings to my friends German shepherd dogs but wish i had a gampr pup to give them to. I am a registered dog trainer, yuk, and my husband worked in the mountains in CA as a chil;d and throughout his teens,and 20's, breaking horses, always doing cattle jobs with real dogs, the healers would literally bite your dick off if you weren't paying attention. He payed attention. Hehe.

why do i want a gampr. Genetics. had a few pure breed dogs in my life. Im tired of line breed dogs or ones that are of a breed thats socalled not line bred. Honestly, i did read your site and with your code of ethics you will eventually end up with a line bred "americanized " gampr, but not yet. I want the not yet version. Im sorry if i offend but i just want the best. and the best mornings start with a great dog, doing its job! Remember when dogs had that thing! a job! They were soo happy



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