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Kayla O'Connell


Rain Lake Ranch

Spirit Lake, ID




Meet the Pack

gamprs of Rain Lake Ranch

Nestled in the gorgeous mountains of North Idaho, we (Rain Lake Ranch) raise dairy goats. In the beginning of 2023, we introduced Raynor, our first Armenian Gampr, to our farm. There is a very heavy predator load in our area. From wolves, to coyotes, to grizzly bears, to cougars-we have it all. we wanted to bring in a Livestock Guardian Dog breed that was fierce, smart, athletic, loyal, and reasonably respecting of fences. We are excited to add more Gamprs to our farm in the near future


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Registration #011223-01 

Livestock: Yes

Remaining Evaluations:

OFA Hips, Elbows

OFA Patellar Luxation

Embark- Results

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