Program Benefits


This Program is available for AGCA Members who want to be part of a collective effort to protect and stabilize the gene pool.  Our goal is to promote responsible Breeders who have committed to developing sound breeding programs of their own, helping to conserve the rare gene pool with evaluated, Breed appropriate Gamprs and conscious decision making. 


Thorough evaluations allow buyers peace of mind concerning breed appropriateness, working ability, physical characteristics and health.  Due to Breeder due diligence and thorough evaluations, buyers are assured they are getting a true to type Armenian Gampr puppy when working with Breeders in this AGCA Approved Breeder Program.  Each Gampr in this Program has been investigated so buyers don't need to worry that they may be buying a mixed dog or one from fighting lines, which is unfortunately very prevalent today.  Buyers can easily pair with a Breeder who has completed health testing on a level that they are comfortable with.

Gampr Breeders in this Program benefit from this Program, as well.  After evaluations are completed, Breeders are showcased with a permanent listing on the Approved Breeder Map, complete with photo gallery of their dogs, detailed contact information, links to their website, Breeder participation level and achievements. Planned breedings will be listed in the AGCA calendar and litters will be promoted on the AGCA Locate a Gampr page and on AGCA social media accounts.  

armenian gampr puppies available for sale in the United States of America US

Dr Trey Stephenson & Savanna Moses of Cloverhaven Animal Hospital in Tupelo, MS performing OFA hip & elbow radiographs on T'Aguhu Uzh Dzmerr, who is under anesthesia. Owner HS Riley

Breeder Levels


Breeders can join the Program by deciding if they want to become a Conservation Breeder or a Breeder of Merit and completing the requirements for their chosen level.  Breeders who choose the Merit level are certified through our partnership with OFA's CHIC Program.

Participant Level: Conservation Breeder

All Conservation Breeders shall:

  1. Be an AGCA Member and remain in good standing, adhering to all aspects of the AGCA Code of Ethics and Mission Statement

  2. Shall remain current providing all completed Litter Certificates back to AGCA in a timely manner

  3. Submit to AGCA, at minimum, two whole body photos of each Gampr including side and front view

  4. Embark DNA test all dogs prior to breeding, before one year of age, and submit links for GM2, DM, COI% and BREED results to AGCA to be included on your personal profile.

  5. Complete a Physical & Working Evaluation, including hock manipulation, on all dogs prior to breeding, but no sooner than age 18 months.

  6. Submit planned breedings to AGCA for calendar posting.


Participant Level:  OFA CHIC Certified Breeder of Merit

AGCA has partnered with the OFA CHIC Program! Breeders can become an AGCA Merit Breeder with OFA CHIC Certification by completing the following additional testing:

     7. OFA Hips

     8. OFA Elbows

     9. OFA Patellar Luxation

   10. OFA Basic Cardiac (optional)

   11. OFA Genetic DNA-Embark DM (optional)

   12. OFA Genetic DNA-Embark GM2 (optional)

   13. OFA Shoulder Osteochondrosis  (optional)

   14. OFA Dentition  (optional)

   15. OFA Thyroid (optional)


Participant Level:  Provisional Breeder

Provisional Breeders are Gampr owners who didn't start out planning to breed but circumstances led to a litter of puppies. A Breeder may be accepted as Provisional, as a one time occurrence, once the owner has completed the following requirements:


  • Becomes an AGCA Member

  • Registers all owned Gamprs

  • Commits to adhering to all aspects of the AGCA Code of Ethics and Mission Statement

  • Submits to AGCA 3 whole body photos of each Gampr including each side and front view

  • Immediately submits Embark DNA tests for both parents of the litter and provides link

  • Agrees not to place any puppies in the litter prior to receiving acceptable Embark DNA results and

  • Schedules a Physical and Working Evaluation for both parents of the litter

armenian gampr puppies available for sale in the United States of America US Michigan breeders

T'Aguhu Uzh Hasmik on patrol, after being radiographed for hips & elbows . Owner Darren Flagg

Become an Approved Breeder

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We would love to have you as part of the team working towards conserving this amazing Breed. If you would like to join as an Approved Breeder, please continue below to be taken to the sign up form.