Standards & Evaluations

Similar to a BST (Breed Suitability Test), these evaluations will help ensure the future quality of the gampr breed. It has been proven that the sport of dog showing is not not enough to maintain the integrity of a dog breed, therefore, more is necessary. And must be specifically suited for the breed.

These evaluations are formatted for use by AGCA and also for the use of owners who would like to understand various aspects of their gampr. In the AGCA, we calculate each score as a %, and the score is recorded on the registration certificate.

If a dog scores low in all criteria, it should not be bred. An average of 75% or higher is required for breeding.

These charts give the actual score for a gampr that will recorded in the registry, and appears on the registration certificate. The images of charts are from an excel file, which computes score totals automatically.

*These assessment criteria are updated as needed. There may be small changes that have not been posted to this website.

Standards for use in conformation shows are worded and arranged slightly differently.
**These evaluations will be updated periodically.