Register & Show with ARBA & KC-USA

American Rare Breed Association (ARBA), a dog registry in the USA, has given the Armenian Gampr "Provisional Recognition"!!!

This is the first recognition of the gampr in a registry in the USA besides our own. We highly recommend registering all gamprs with ARBA, which enables the descendants of our gamprs to show and be registered as well with ARBA.

And very importantly, for full recognition of the Armenian Gampr, we must fill our side of the agreement, make it worthwhile for ARBA to recognize us by registering and showing with them.

Showing is a fun sport, and will help promote our breed while ensuring we practice good ethics and management.

To Register:

Go to


Call ARBA at (301) 868-5718

To Show in CA:

Please contact Lala Minasian, our VP and Director of Showing & Publicity. Lala can also assist with showing your gampr with ARBA. email

Location of shows in CA is at:

840 S. Indian Hill Blvd
Claremont CA 91711

Next show is:

Saturday, September 17, 9am- finish

To Show in Other Areas of USA:

Contact Robert at ARBA- (301)742-2722 /

Show Pricing:

The cost of the show is $25/class, each class can be counted as both ARBA & KC-USA, if both organizations are paid for (the judges will process double paperwork/show. There are usually about 6 classes per day, therefore if you are going to show just ARBA, it will be approximately $150/day, but if you show with both ARBA & KC-USA, the total will beapproximately $300. KC-USA is International, ARBA is for USA.