Register with AGCA

Registrations and pedigrees with AGCA (Armenian Gampr Club of America) are free until December 31, 2016. After this date, the cost of registration will be $20/dog and $20/litter. If a litter is pre-registered, the registration fee for the new owner is $15.

Information on the registration includes evaluation scores of the parents, and will include evaluation scores for each dog as they are submitted.

Fill out the form below and click the 'submit' button. Electronic copies in an email are free. There is a $5 charge for mailing paper copies.

We are using Breeders Assistant, thanks to Hacob Mkrtchain.

You can see some examples below, and a form for submitting a request at the bottom of the page. If the information is not known, type 'x.'

Shner@ grancelu anhrajesht texekutyan hamar kapveq Qnqushi het.

In Armenia, contact Qnqush Tonoyan.
Email: / +374-98-877-618

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To apply for registration, enter the information in the form below:

Thank you for registering with the AGCA. Your dog's descendants will have a more assured future, as will your breed.