Frequently Asked Questions

How do breeders get listed?

Breeder listings require a few things.

  • Membership in the club
  • Ethical breeding practices (see our club ethics)
  • Various levels of assurances for the value of their pups - such health checks, evaluations, etc
  • Agreements to work with our club regarding pedigrees & registration
  • No serious complaints about breeding practices, health of pups sold, etc

What is a 'good breeder'?

A good breeder will work to assure the quality of their pups, their dogs, and their sales activities. A good breeder will provide the buyer with many documents & resources, some of which are:

  • pedigree
  • health records (vaccinations & de-worming) for pups
  • Health data on adults (x-rays etc)
  • Temperament information
  • Evaluation scores
  • Sales agreement and refund type if needed

How do I know which breeder will provide the right pup for me?

Contact the breeder before making any decision. The breeder should be willing to share any and all information that is normally asked for in this type of situation - such as, temperament of the parents, what health certifications have been done, and if there is a problem with the puppy.

Some breeders just want to take your money and have no more contact. This is not a 'good breeder.' A good breeder will provide follow-up consultations, help with problems that may arise, and give general support.

The cost of a puppy is not for the puppy - you are buying the breeder's support for the life of the dog, ideally.