Breeders in USA

When there are known litters in USA, they will be listed on the puppies page.

This page shows where Armenian Gamprs are located in USA who may possibly be bred in the future.

If you are interested in contacting a breeder, some information is below the map. More breeder information on request.

For common questions about how to decide on a breeder, see our FAQ

Here we will list breeders who:

  • Are members
  • Follow our club guidelines for reliability and responsibility

And have agreed to:

  • Prepare for breeding responsibly
  • Evaluate their dogs in some way (as Livestock guardian, structural assessment, health assessment etc)
  • Give pedigrees & medical history with pups
  • Follow up with owners after pups are sold, and provide support as needed

Locations of potentially breedable dogs:

The map at right shows approximate locations of gamprs that might be bred in the future.

This map will be updated periodically.

Some contact information is below. More is available on request.

If you have a gampr that you would like to breed, CONTACT US


Nancy Stash

Lake Berryessa, CA

Female: Sofya

Male: Pashar



Kurtis King

Rosanky, Texas

Female: Roma

Male: Pashar



Dylan and Ruby Head

Covelo, California

Female: Tesil


Litter planned for fall/winter 2017


Judy Casey

Lancaster, CA

Female: Zoey



Rohana Mayer

Atascadero, CA

Females: Tsiran, Koola



Sandie Terry

Hillboro, Alabama

Female: Teter

Male: Berk