Goodlife Farms Tesil in Covelo CA is the first Armenian Gampr to have been evaluated for all three categories, and she has passed every test fabulously!


Tesil is a working farm & livestock guardian. She lives with her owners, Ruby Head and Dylan Halberg, on a multi-purpose farm that has mixed livestock and also food production.

Ruby and Dylan received Tesil a year and a half ago from me (Rohana Mayer). They already had one gampr but Jermuk was over-worked, too many acres with too many coyotes and bears, plus occasional mountain lions.

Tesil had already passed her physical and working evaluations. She scored 97% on her physical evaluation, having dropped a few points for extra slope in her croup. Her working score is a perfect 100%, because there's nothing in her working style that has been found at fault!

Ruby added the Heath tests, including OFA hips & elbows, heart check, blood work.


Tesil's OFA results can be found on the OFA website, under 'Armenian Gampr.' The veterinatian who examined tesil & her X-rays in her office confirmed that there is no calcification of her spine. He blood test showed normal thyroid, although at the low end of normal. The other health data is calculated per family history and includes COI, history of Panosteitis, hypertrophic dystrophy, death by bloat, or any other known similar disorder.

Tesil received a 75% for her thyroid score, as it is in the low end of normal. Her COI is 0, so scored 100%. Her mother died of GDV (bloat) so her score was dropped by 50% for that category. The hip score is 'good' so is 90. Elbows 'normal.' Spine had zero calcification, therefore has a perfect score.

The average of the scores is 86%.


I am absolutely happy & grateful for the efforts that Ruby & Dylan have gone to, to accomplish this. It is a milestone for this breed, and is a more thorough vetting of breeding quality than any other of which I have known.

Looking forward to puppies from Tesil!!