About Us
We are a small group of people dedicated to preserving and promoting the Armenian Gampr.
Our goals:
  • Educate the prospective owners about the care and
    training of Gamprs, and what to expect from the
  • Provide contact between owners, and between
  • Establish guidelines for breeding and registering
    dogs in our club
  • Rescue any gamprs in need, and rehome, if possible.
  • Provide educational and training assistance to
Our Perspective:
Armenian Gampr Club of America
Club Preferences:
  • Breed for preservation of preferred
    characteristics. For example, selecting
    dogs for breeding that exhibit
  1. reliable temperament
  2. excellence in guarding livestock, family,
    and home.
  3. good physical conformation and
  • As this is a 'natural' breed, we would
    prefer to breed dogs with differing
    characteristics to each other, so as to
    keep as much genetic variability as
    possible. We do not want to breed for
    any specific characteristic exclusively,
    thereby inadvertently reducing  the
    overall health and integrity of the breed
  • Breeders will check with the club for the
    optimum match for their dog, in order
    to keep our small gene pool as diverse
    as possible.

AGCA does not wish to breed primarily to a physical
standard, as we believe this has serious potential to ruin any
breed. Watch the video
"Pedigree Dogs Exposed" for example.
Our goal is preservation, not refinement. We have a 3-part
standard of evaluation, and breed for heterozygosity and
balance. We are working with certain individuals in Armenia
and elsewhere to find the best genetic stock possible.
Further information about managing genetics in dog
breeding can be found at
The Institute of Canine Biology.
If you have a dog that you would like to
register with us, please fill out this
form and
email it to  rohana@gampr.org
President: Rohana Mayer
Telephone: (805) 674-1741
email: rohana@gampr.org

Vice President: Lala Minasian
email: ereboony@yahoo.com

Secretary-Treasurer: Karlene Andreola
email: paulandreola@outlook.com

Director of Armenian Relations: Mushegh Muradyan

email: mushegh2105@yahoo.com

The club in Armenia is primarily focused
on the Western Armenian Gampr, or

see www.kinologia.com