Armenian Gampr Club of America
This dog is an uncle to Kaits and Gailug, who were imported
to the USA in 2004. Photo courtesy of Hacob Mkrtchian.
This family of dogs, the
parents of the white pups and
the puppies, are from a set of
photos taken by Tigran
Nazaryan, of The
puppies are Gailug and Kaits,
now here in the USA.
Some photos of dogs in Armenia
Taline Village
Arthur Bursegyan's dog Chalo as a pup, photo courtesy of Arthur Bursegyan
Photo by Hamlik Parsanian
Some links to sites with
pertinent information: is the original site by Tigran Nazaryan,
comprehensive guide to the country, the history
and many cultural aspects.
The photos below are by Hamlik and Hermineh Parsanian, on a recent trip to
 In Armenia, the gampr is commonly referred to as a hovashoon, a chobani shoon (shepards dog) and as a gampr.
gampr has been in Caucasus mountains and Armenian Highland for thousands of years. The divisions amongst the
related breeds have been relatively recent, which leads to some blurring of the definitions. They have been called
'caucasian shepherds dogs' for centuries, and although the FCI 'Caucasian Ovcharka(AKA shepherd)' is now  separate
breed, a show dog and human protection dog.
 For thousands of years in historic Armenia
General overview
Progress in Armenia
The Gabrielyan family and others have with
There have been several shows in Armenia. for more information.See